I am the Senior Security Engineer for the Internet Security Division of Compuquip Technologies a Miami, FL based systems integration company. I have been working for more than ten years in the field of Computer and Network Security. I am considered by many to be an expert in the field of Information Security, with extensive experience with Check Point Firewalls, Content Filtering, Encryption, Wireless Security, Vulnerabilty Assesments, Intrusion Detection, and Computer Forensics. I have written no books and have no advanced degrees, but I have lots of hands-on experience getting the job done in this field everyday.

Aside from my work, I am a Christian, a Father of two, a Husband, and a son.  My political views would be closest to Libertarian.  I believe in many of the same things that the John Birch Society advocates, namely in a small government that tries to stay out of the lives of people, a government that lets you keep the fruits of your labor by having less taxes and one that follows the constitution.

I believe in a hard days work, and a job well done.  I believe that "idle hands are the devil's workshop."